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Price: $60.00
  • Item #: 911-S100-3A
  • Manufacturer: 911 signal usa
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When police want to amplify their siren sounds, they often opt for a siren speaker. However, when space is tight, a traditional siren speaker may not be right for your emergency vehicle. For this reason, we offer the S100-3A speaker. This compact speaker is ideal for installation in a variety of locations, and doesn’t sacrifice sound, even though it is smaller than many other speakers on the emergency vehicle light and equipment market. 
Product Specs:
  • MODEL S100-3A
  • POWER 100W
  • NET WT 2.4


Siren Speaker Creates Loud, Clear Siren Sounds

A heavy duty magnet produces 100 watts of clear siren sounds. In fact, this popular police and ambulance siren speaker is guaranteed to have less than 5% sound distortion when installed correctly. This emergency vehicle equipment is also capable of producing 120-130dB. Additionally, the frequency range of this speaker is 400-4000HZ.

100-Watt Speaker is Easy to Install

Due to its small size, this siren speaker can be used in just about any cruiser, and is virtually ready to go as soon as you open the box. To install, simply connect it to an existing siren driver. A mounting bracket and needed wires are included with the siren speaker purchase to make this process simple and easy.

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